Yes, Hello and Welcome!


Yes, Hello! is a sketch comedy group created in Ambler, Pennsylvania by Martin Slamon, Vincenzo Sidoti and Joe Ronca. Premiering on July 4th, 2011 the trio produced short comedic videos for over three years before taking a break in 2014. 

The concept was simple: Short Web Comedy. The group released 4 sketches on the 4th of July - launching at midnight. They were "Bad News...", "Operation Feedbag", "The Web Designer" and "The Scariest Movie Ever Made". 

Slamon, Sidoti and Ronca enlisted the help and talent of friends Mark Farrington and Brianne Piper to bring the first wave of sketches to life. 

Within five days of launching the Yes, Hello! website Ronca received a call from Comedy Central's Tosh.0 . They wanted to feature "Bad News..." on a viewer submitted portion of their show. The arrangements were made and Comedy Central was ready to air the sketch. Sadly, less than a week before the sketch premiered Comedy Central contacted Yes, Hello! saying the sketch was to be bumped due to "too much semen/man-meat in tonight's episode (of Tosh.0)". To this day, the sketch never aired. 

Joe Ronca (top left), Vincenzo Sidoti (top right) and Martin Slamon (bottom).

In July of 2012 Yes, Hello! held an Anniversary Screening at the Ambler Theater titled "Made in Ambler". The hour long show was a combination of sketches shown on screen and a live stage show. Over 250 tickets were sold - selling out the theater. Shortly after, the show was featured as an official selection of the Art All Night Film Festival where it was hilariously and awkwardly received by an audience of families and children. Whoops!

Over the next couple of years Yes, Hello! continued to produce sketches - inviting Helium Comedy Club comedians Chris Cotton, Jeff Soles and Sonia Zambrana to guest star in a new phase of sketches. The first of which was "Love is Forever" staring Vincenzo Sidoti and Sonia Zambrana. ​Several shorts quickly followed including "The Addiction" and "Vin-N-Word" which quickly shot to over 20,000 views and brought the comedic workings of Cotton and Soles to the mix. 

Shortly after the band went their separate ways. and leave behind a legacy of over 30 videos. 

Recently was relaunched into the format you see today. Rumor has it the group is getting back together in 2020 with a new series of shorts and sketches including animations and LIVE sketches broadcasting on social media platforms. 

Stay tuned true believers.   [back]